Movers & Shakers!

I have two crawling baby boys, ladies and gentlemen. When did that happen?

Caden started crawling a little bit before Christmas and has really mastered it. Now he is pulling himself up to a standing position on almost anything....his jumper/exersaucer, the couch, a case of bottle water, an ottoman. You name it, he uses it to stand.


Conor is so cute when he is crawling. He is timid and ADORABLE. Caden is all fast fast fast...and kind of sloppy and plummets himself to the floor. And Conor is so sweet and cautious. He will probably start following Caden around (well, they will follow each other) but for now, they are both on the move and Mommy is on the lookout.

We were both wearing our Christmas onesies (a few weeks too late), so we needed a photo op. Happy boys!

The flash was clearly a little intense at 7AM....

Aunties Chrissy and Lindsey are on their way to visit these two happy little baby boys this weekend for the long weekend. We are all excited for their visit! Hurry up American Airlines and your stupid 2 hour delay. Get them here already!!


P.S. Flashback pic is in honor of Uncle Lindsey visiting Conor and Caden this weekend. Here were in Temecula, CA, back in 2011 or early of my first trips with Linds! I may have a celebratory glass or two this weekend, maybe. ;)


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