Where it all began....

With Valentine's Day around the corner, I wanted to dedicate this blog post to my husband and partner in crime.  Here's to you JIMBO!

I feel in order to appreciate the incredible relationship we have, it is important to remember where we have come -- whether we have gone through monumental life events, trips to Cape Cod or the occasional fun nights out.  We have been through so much since June 2002 and I must say we have also grown so much. The best part about everything is that we have grown so much together

I did my best to put things in order. Here goes...

2002 Junior Prom pic

Our high school senior pictures together in 2003

We made the newspaper for our HS graduation in 2003

Fun nights out in college...this was maybe 2005/2006

Upside down margaritas since 2007...annual Fourth of July celebrations (although this was 2011)

Playa del Rey livin in summer 2009

Killin it at the SHACK doing karaoke in 2009

Napa trip /  wine tasting in the fall of 2009

Bought our first condo in LA in Dec 2009...with massive potted plants!

Dominating the beer pong table days before our wedding in the cape, 2010

Got married, July 2010

Honeymoonin in Maui, August 2010

Home for Christmas in 2010

The couple that shares scorpion bowls together, stays together....

Rescued our doggie Zeta...Here we are Christmas Day, 2010 in Malibu

Bought our Cape house in June 2011

Celebrated our first wedding anniversary in Martha's Vineyard, July 2011

Countless Thanksgivings together...here we are in 2011

Vacation to the DR in 2012

Rockin the ice luge in LA in 2012

Visited Ireland (Cliffs of Moher) in 2012

Valentine's Day 2013 - the "love mud run" 5k in Temecula, CA

Shaz graduating from grad school at Pepperdine, April 2013

SURPRISE!!!!! It's twins!! September 2013

I can't believe we have celebrated 12 NYEs together. Here we are NYE 2013, 4.5 months prego!

Celebrating Jim graduating from law school..Marina del Rey, January 2014

The most life-changing event thus far, welcoming Conor James and Caden Francis, May 2014

How we now spend the annual Fourth of July festivities.... :)

We are just living the dream with each other and these two baby boys. We are so blessed and I honestly could not have asked for a better father for my children or partner in life. Happy Valentine's Day, Jim!

Shaz, Caden and Conor


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