Baby Modeling Shoot!

I'm kidding - we don't do any real modeling here, but I noticed that "Miss Jackie" (ha) took some amazing pictures of the boys over the past few weeks.  I love when I turn on my camera and see cute pics she has taken.  It's a fun surprise.  And you know what I like most about them?  They are individual shots!  I tend to take so many pictures of them together, either posing or playing, but these are all solo pics and I love it.  The boys will appreciate solo pics of them as babies when they grow up. :) 

Here's Conor chillin by the window, longing to be outside in warm weather again...

 And here's Caden, most likely watching Daniel Tiger...his fav!

I also wanted to share some photos from one of the days it was snowing here in DC. It doesn't happen too often -- not like in MA -- so Jim and I took the boys on the deck for some cute snow pics. Conor enjoyed it a tiny bit more than Caden, but neither of them loved it as much as their first snow up in MA.  I think they were a little more rested last they've been a little on edge lately because they're getting their top teeth! They didn't know what was happening.

All for now...Happy Tuesday!

Shaz and C-Squared


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