Days Around the House...

Bathtime. Is there really any happier or cuter time of day?? I don't think so. The boys love taking a bath and it's a relaxing down time for Jimbo and I, too.  Look how happy they are!! They love it!


On Tuesday, we bought ourselves some brand new Elmo's for our first birthday in a few weeks. We were at the store and just couldn't resist. The bright red color and the soft material were screaming their name. :)

One of Caden and Conor's favorite things to do is stand in front of all the windows in our house and look outside. It helps now that the weather is GORGEOUS and the windows are almost always open. I love how the windows are so low, because they're the perfect height for the boys to safely look out.

Caden reading a book with Mama...and Conor listening in. We can't wait to visit Cape Cod sometime next month! And ALL summer long! :)  My mom bought the boys these adorable summer outfits. I love the little "romper" look, the onesie with the shorts attached. I think they are adorable. It was super hot and humid on Monday so we busted them out! They fit great.

Just after baths last night!! Caden with Mama and Conor with Dada!

I'm really enjoying these days with the boys lately. We're on a great schedule and we are both really happy. Before I know it, I will be headed back to work full time. I can't believe they are almost a year old.

All for now...



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