Happiest Springtime Baby Boys!!

I wanted to write a quick post on this gorgeous Saturday afternoon. The boys have been home for almost a week now since Easter and they really couldn't be happier.  When we were up in MA last week, they were so sick, lethargic, fussy, and not themselves.  It is so refreshing and warms my heart to see these beamingly happy little faces. They have been SO awesome.

Also on a happy note, the trees have been so pretty lately. It is prime tourist season here in DC so all the cherry blossoms are [almost] out in full bloom.  This season reminds me of when the boys were born last year -- everything looks exactly the same.  I was on bed rest, anxiously awaiting the arrival of A & B.  Fast-forward one year later and here we are...preparing for their first birthday in a few weeks. 

We walked to dinner last night, Friday 4/10. I had to take a pic because the trees up the street looked beautiful.

Look at my patriotic little men! They must know that Memorial Day Weekend is coming up next month.  My mom's response to their pictures "Sharon - watch out they don't poke their eye out!". Ha, no kidding Ma. :)


While at dinner last night, we gave the boys crayons and paper for the first time.  They couldn't get over them.  They kept rotating the crayons in their little hands and staring at them.  Caden actually put them in his mouth - which was gross - because surprisingly they never put things in their mouths (yet).  I am sure that will come...


OMG, here is the FUNNIEST thing.  I was laughing so hard, this was so funny:  So Caden was pushing the red/white walker thing in the picture below. Then Conor started crawling over and reached for it with his hand.  As he was crawling/pushing over to it, Caden was still walking/pushing it. Then all of a sudden Conor got underneath and in between Caden's legs. So they were walking one on top of the other while pushing the walker.

Caden then started smiling SO BIG and began bouncing on Con....below.  It's a little blurry - but I dont care.  I am pumped I captured this on camera.

And as he was bouncing, he then went flying off..  Like look at Caden's little hands!!! He was clearly looking for the walker red bar to grab....I was dying.  I don't think I have ever laughed so hard.

Here's another example of how Caden is such a little ham.  I brought Conor out to the car to run errands and when I came back, this is where Caden was standing, 'Hi Mom!'.  He crawled the entire back length of the couch to the front door.  He's hilarious.

Happy Spring...get out there and enjoy the weather!


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