Our Long Weekend OUTSIDE!

What gorgeous weather we have been having here in DC, and back home in Boston, too. It is officially spring and everyone is loving the outside. From all the pics on facebook and instagram - it looks like we all can't get enough of this awesome weather!

Late last week, the boys and I visited Jim at Exxon since their office is moving to Houston in a few short weeks. We thought it would be nice to walk around the campus and take a few pics. If you look closely in the pic of me and the boys, there are THREE DEER behind us (almost like THREE WHALES, right Sarah and Nicole?! Haha). There were so many deer watching us roam about the property. Way cool.

The boys sometimes fuss when they're in their stroller -- they prefer to get out and crawl around. Maybe when they can start walking we will take them out during the walk, but for now we usually find a nice piece of grass and let them play. Caden wanted to crawl on Daddy and Conor wanted his bottle...never a dull moment. :)

Caden eventually wanted his bottle too, so we plopped them on the grass.  It was a bit sunny!

When we got home, we watched a little bit of Daniel Tiger - our favorite show. Their hair is really getting curly in the humidity...especially Conors!

On Saturday, we visited Old Town, Alexandria for some drinks and to walk around during the beautiful afternoon. Miss Jackie and her soon-to-be hub Cal visited us at Chadwicks. We enjoyed some celebratory champagne, as these two lovebirds are getting married in less than two weeks!

As far as today goes, Jim is golfing with his buddy Jamal. Chrissy and Lindsey thoughtfully got Jim a golf gift card when he passed the bar last year -- and when you have newborn twins when you find out you passed the bar exam, you wait a good solid year before using that gift card. ;) 

The boys are playing outside on the deck and I am prepping some dinner for all of us tonight. I'm sure Jim will be starved from golfing all day.

If you are looking for a simple and yummy meal for tonight or sometime this week - here's a nice and easy one. I scrambled up some lean ground hamburg with onions, garlic, and crushed red pepper. I then washed and sliced a few zucchini the long way and placed them in the pan.

After about 10 minutes, this is what it looks like. I usually stir it up a bit, add some salt and pepper and let all that cook up for about 20 more minutes or so -- and pour off all the extra fat drippings. Add some quinoa (or pasta) and sauce of your choice. Then top it off with a little parm cheese. It is delicious, simple, and filling!

Here's to a great, exciting week ahead! Cheers everyone!

Shaz and C-squared


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