Festive Memorial Day Wknd in Cape Cod!

The boys, Jim, and I are celebrating our second Memorial Day weekend. Last year the boys were just a few weeks old and Auntie Chrissy visited us in Virginia. This year, we are one year old and we are celebrating in Cape Cod.  We lucked out having such nice weather. It is still a little cool in the Cape, but we have some beautiful clear skies.

Here we were crossing the Sagamore bridge over to the Cape on Friday.

On Saturday morning, the boys and I went for a walk - and planned on walking straight to the beach like we usually do. However, plans changed when we walked right into this road race about a quarter mile from our house. The road was pretty much blocked off, so instead of walking to the beach, we cheered on the runners! Caden and Conor loved seeing all the people.

Late Saturday afternoon when the roads opened up, we finally took the boys to Keyes Beach. Last summer they were too young to touch the sand or even know what was going on. This year it was much more fun. It was a little windy, so they didn't love the sand hitting their faces. We lathered them up in sunscreen and put their hats on. That lasted all of 5 minutes with the wind.

Here is our current Phelan family photo. Photo cred to Jessica Phelan. We visited with Bill, Jess, and their new daughter, Sloane. She is 6 weeks old and had her first beach/cape visit. She is adorable. New cousin for C and C!

 We then enjoyed some cookies after the beach...yum!

Then took a bath and watched some Daniel Tiger (of course)...

We enjoyed some backyard fun at a neighbor's house.  This is Conor....

And here's Caden....ha.  I swapped them out and put the other in the swing. They loved it. We bought a swing set off craigslist about 2 weeks ago. Can't wait to set it up in our backyard in Hyannis. The boys will love it. The boys can swing in the swing set and Mama can swing in the hammock. ;)

We were pooped, so we rested a bit with Daddy. There is nothing like that Cape Cod air. So relaxing.

Happy Memorial Day Weekend! Have fun and stay safe.


P.S. Flashback photo to last Memorial Day...crazy how much has happened in a year!


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