Our new days in MA!

Mama went to work in Boston yesterday on the commuter rail. It was fun and different - and I liked it more than I thought I would.  And on the way home, I chose the front of the train and it's called the "quiet car".  Let me tell you how enjoyable a "quiet car" is when you have two one year olds at home. :)

Grammy watched the boys since Wednesdays are her day off. It was so nice of her to watch them both this week and last week. I have been able to test out my commute, set up my desk, and meet people in the office. Conor and Caden's newest favorite activities right now are opening every single cabinet they can find - and also walking with the help of my hands or Grammy's hands...see below. 

We also went out for Auntie Cookie's birthday on Saturday and it was SO fun! We went to a wine tasting at various restaurants around Boston and then finished off at 6B to celebrate Jordan's 30th birthday. Fun weekend!

We started our week off hanging out on the porch and watching ALL the people, cars, and dogs walk by. We even saw a bus drive by and loved it.

After we went to Crystal's baby shower on Sunday, we then stopped in Charlestown for Caden and Conor to see the Bunker Hill Monument...it was just like when we were in DC. ;) And it was a beautiful day. We all loved the fresh air!

We are headed to Cape Cod again this weekend for Memorial Day. I am already starting to pack up. Let's hope for some nice weather!

Have and happy, fun, and safe Memorial Day everyone.



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