So much celebrating!!

We spent a few days in Cape Cod last week - and Great Grammy Phelan took the boys for a walk around the neighborhood while we did some yard work. Look how great she looks! Her birthday was 5/14, my Grammy Hancock's birthday was 5/15, Auntie Chrissy was 5/13 and C-Squared were 5/6. So many May birthdays!

I was so surprised to see all my daffodils at the Cape. We aren't usually there in May, so I loved seeing the different flowers...Caden, too! There were tons.

We came back to Woburn and the boys have been loving my parents backyard. There is so much to look at, so many toys, and they of course love the doggies.

Playing with their new toys from their birthday!

Mother's Day weekend was so so so warm, almost 90 degrees! We used the pool that Auntie Theresa got us for our birthday. We loved it! We went in the pool in our birthday suits, hehe. ;)

We love watching TV on Saturday mornings with Daddy. Daniel Tiger was on! Our favorite.

We are off to celebrate our favorite Auntie Cookies tonight in Boston for her birthday! Grammy and Grampa are going to watch Conor and Caden for the night. Fun day/night out for Mommy and Daddy wine tasting. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, CHRISSY!! :)



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