Silly Summertime Fun!

There is no real "deep" meaning behind this post nor anything I am trying to convey through my computer screen. Rather, I simply wanted to document our fun, silly days outside this summer thus far -- either in my parent's yard or on the beach down in the Cape. 

As I've said since these two little men were newborns, C and C love outside. They are the happiest outdoors so we try and spend as much time outside as possible. For example, we love the SLIDE! Conor actually loves walking up the slide and then sliding down crashing into Caden. Caden loves the sliding part (who doesn't??) and finds it entertaining when Conor crashes into him.

Con left and Cay right in the following two sets of photos. Conor is super nervy and Caden loves it.

Here's Caden walking towards Conor who is chillin on the bench waiting for Caden to walk over to him (yup, totally typical Con-man, relaxing). Sometimes when either of them walk or crawl towards the other one -- the one who is "waiting" for the other starts giggling like a mental case. They think it's a riot that the other one is coming to visit! Hard to explain, but totally adorable.

This is one of my new favorite things that they do. They love stepping into things, like their pool for example. Howver - this isn't a pool, it's a tiny little red contraption that we fill with water (thanks, Auntie Kiki!!). They typically splash in both sides when it's on the ground - and it's perfect for them to share because it's separated for both of them to use their own side. What's funny is that Conor steps in and often falls back on his bum (while his legs are still inside) and ALL the water pours over him. It's totally entertaining. Peanut hates it, because she hates getting wet.

Here's Conor doing another one of his favorite things - driving! He LOVES steering wheels. He gets such a kick when we go to Home Depot or the grocery store and they have those little toy cars for the kids to use. Jordans Furniture even has a double for two kids!! And sometimes if Caden is still napping in the car, I give Con a few minutes "driving" in the front seat of Mommy's car. He basically just holds onto the steering wheel while we are parked. He can't get enough!

We also caught Caden is a rare moment of just relaxing. This doesn't happen often...glad we caught it on camera! Hi little man. :)  Boy do they love outside. It is so great for them to enjoy the fresh air. And it helps them sleep great, too. Win/win.

We can all end with a laugh -- here's my "flashback friday" #fbf pic. HAHAHA and this is totally a joke because A. I was pregnant over a year ago and B. I still had a solid month to go after this picture was taken...I just thought I would share. Haha. ;)

TGIF, folks! Til next time....

Shaz, C & C


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