Time DON'T slow down....(yes, you read that right)

The inspiration for this post came from an article by "Boston Moms Blog". I read it and immediately could relate.
People are always telling time to "slow down" in regards to their kids growing up. Or, people always say their children grew up in a blink of an eye. They can't believe how quickly it went.
And yes, while there are many days that I would love to just stop time (like the Fourth of July trip and the boys playing on the beach), there were a lot of days that I wanted time to hurry up because I felt like I was sinking fast (like when the boys were weeks old and Caden was colic). The Boston Moms Blog post made an impression on me when they said, "We have good days and we have bad days. Luckily, the clock keeps ticking either way."  
Conor and Caden turned fourteen months old on July 6th and I realized they are indeed growing very fast. They are learning, advancing, and playing more and more together every single day -- and they are also hitting each other and getting frustrated with one another since they are together 24/7. But you know what? I am 100% loving them at this stage. I LOVE every minute I get to watch them grow and I don’t want time to slow down.
For example, we went to the eye doctor yesterday and I loved seeing them sit in the chair and interact with the doctor. She said they both did GREAT. They had wonderful concentration and didn't even make a peep. They also received a great vision report, so that was fantastic for Mama to hear. :)

Below are the pictures of C and C in the waiting room - while we waited for their pupils to dialate.  I find these pictures hilarious because the picture of Conor (left) is SO him. He loves having two things in his hands as often as possible, which is hard because Caden usually has the second item of whatever it is that he has.....and he also loves raising his hands above his head. Grampa Callahan just taught him "TOUCHDOWN!" which is adorable.

And same goes for the picture of Caden, it depicts his personality perfectly. He is always moving a mile a minute, which is totally typical Caden. He is blurry, because he is constantly on the move! And another proud Mama moment -- Caden is officially WALKING! Like, zooming all around the house and the yard, walking every chance he can get. Go Caden, go!

We went to the splash park in Waltham with Grammy after our eye doctor appt. I asked the doctor if they could be outside with just having their pupils dilated - she she said it was fine as long as they had their hats on. So sure enough, we went! We didn't really love it because we were a little tired, so it looks like we will try it out again next month if anyone wants to join us. :)

I love doing fun activities or errands with them and I love watching them grow up. I am so excited to see them do new things -- like when Conor was one-week old and Jim and I noticed he was sleeping with his arms over his head (we freaked out at how cool that was), or when Caden started climbing the ladder in their room when he was 7 months old (we immediately started baby-proofing!). I also remember watching them in their baby swings for the first time; and both Jim and I were beaming with excitement. Everything is so new and exciting and fun. I don't want time to slow down.
I want to see them grow.
I want to see them find their own friends.
I want to see them learn.
I want to see their faces the first time they go on a carnival ride.
I want to see them succeed.
I want to see them figure things out.
I want to see them pick themselves back up and keep on keeping on.
I want to see them learn to drive (and share a car).
I want to see them graduate high school, and college.
I want to see them get married.
I want to see them become parents.
The list goes on and on....
There’s so much I want for my children and I so want to be here to experience it with them.
I want time to keep ticking. And I’m going to enjoy every minute I get with them. And I’m going to keep taking pictures (TONS of pictures) to remember every tiny moment no matter how big or small. I think it's so fun to see their faces when they try new foods, or meet new people, or put their little toes in the ocean. It's all SO MUCH FUN. Please time, keep moving forward so I can enjoy watching my boys grow up.

Here's an update on everything "Caden and Conor" right now...and their schedule at 14 months old.
  • 6a.m.: Both wake and have 8oz bottle, change diapers, playtime!
  • 8:30a.m.: Breakfast - pieces of fruit, yogurt, Cheerios, French toast, pancake (real small). They can feed themselves. 4-6oz bottle milk AFTER.
  • 10a.m: Play outside!
  • 11:30: Lunch - grilled cheese, cottage cheese, yogurt, puffs, peanut butter sandwich.  After lunch - Nap! Give C and C a bottle of milk or water. Dark room, sound machine, cameras. AWAKE.
  • 2:30p.m.: Wake up! Playtime/walk outside/daniel tiger TV
  • 3-3:30p.m.: Snack time - crackers, puffs, Cheerios, yogurt, fruit. Then playtime or walk outside. Water.
  • 5p.m.: Dinner (veggies, cheese, hamburger, sandwich, yogurt)
  • 7:15p.m.: Bath/bedtime routine and bottle milk
  • 7:45p.m.: Sleeping
Til next time!


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