Homeowners in MA!

We bought a house in my hometown of Woburn, MA - right off Winn Street. It's about a mile and a half from my parents. It's kind of hilarious that I lived about 3,000 miles away a little over a year ago and now I am a 5 minute drive. It's convenient though - especially now with Conor and Caden. Their pediatrician and daycare are also very close.
Here we are signing away on Friday.....and then celebratory drinks after with our closing attorney. He was fantastic! Thanks again, Steve!
**Ironic story for those who go down the Cape for our 4th of July festivities:  Get this - right after we closed, we drove over to a restaurant on Main St in Hyannis for celebratory cocktails. And as soon as we started driving, AFRICA started playing on the radio! What are the odds?!?! It was a sign. Truly meant to be. :)
Here's a family shot of us in our new kitchen....
And in our new living room....

My boys in the living room....gotta be careful of all those stairs! Eek!
Auntie Cookie and Shay Shay paid us a visit on Sunday. They were so nice to visit with the boys, which was a huge help since we were trying to organize some things and help my Dad set up for painting this week. Thanks, Shay! Can't wait to do it again. And a HUGE thank you to Auntie Cookie for getting the boys a housewarming present....standby for a future post with pics! Hehehehe.
C&C already love their yard and deck...they love being outside. I used their pack n play to block off the stairs going down to the yard. They really loved being out there.
And on Saturday, we took a break from moving because we had a HUGE family reunion -- the Ehler family -- which is my Dad's mother's side of the family. It was a great turnout and wonderful party planning by Beth and all the cousins. Thanks for a fun time. I wish Conor and Caden could've lasted longer! Here are a few fun shots from the day. We were team PINK for Mama Rita!


Now onto the cleaning, painting, and unpacking!! Wish us luck!

Til next time....


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