A Tribute to Peanut

After 11 years of knowing and loving this little beagle, Peanut is now in a better and more comfortable place. She is probably off running Singing Beach, squeaking the squeakiest toys in the world, eating pizza (and every other food known to man), chasing squirrels, high-fiving everyone, and playing with her best buddy, "Spice-man".

I feel so fortunate to have moved home in May and soaked up as much Conor/Caden/Zeta/Peanut time as possible this summer. While I was home, Peanut was pretty much the same as she had always been. Maybe a bit older and slower, but her relentless bark certainly didn't let up at all. She enjoyed her daily routine, laying from room to room following the sunniest and warmest spots throughout the house and going outside to bark at the people walking by. She wasn't the friendliest dog in the world, as she had a few biting incidents over the years (even my mom!). And she also made it known that she hated the mailman and UPS. That was Peanut though - and we loved her for it.

A few weeks ago, Peanut was having trouble walking and the vet diagnosed her with an aggressive bone cancer. Rather than amputating and putting her through so much discomfort with surgeries, we opted for her to be in a more comfortable resting place. We all love her SO much and feel a massive void now that she is no longer here.

Here are a few of our favorite Callahan memories with Peanut -

A. Peanut on her "chair" with my mom after she got home from work. My mom would say "Get on your chair!" and she would run to the couch. Peanut would then "talk" to my mom and make little noises as if she was having a conversation with her.

B. My Dad with Peanut at Castle Island in South Boston. They would BBQ there and enjoy watching the planes flying over. If they were lucky, the doggies would get to run off leash.

C. Chrissy with Peanut and I in P-Town in 2011. We took a day-trip there with Peanut and had a blast. It is super dog friendly there so we were able to take her on the trolley ride and into restaurants.

D. And then me with Peanut walking Horn Pond in Woburn. That was a fun day - we walked all over and took so many fall pictures.
And a few collages so we don't take up that much time. :)

If you have a favorite Peanut memory, please feel free to share! We miss you, Pean!



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