Two years ago, I blogged about a lot of my favorite fall recipes - including a lot of squashes, like spaghetti squash recipes.  Last year, I wrote about tons of homemade baby food recipes including squash and carrots and other healthy fruits and veggies. This year, I decorated the house for the "fall" season more than I ever have in the past, and I also have an apple pie currently in the oven (17 more minutes left on the timer....). Fun Saturday night! ;)

Jim went to his undergrad college today, WPI, for alumni weekend. He likes to go since he was President while we were in school - and also because he is an attorney. He wants to help out where he can. That being said, Conor and Caden and Mommy had the day to ourselves. Grampa stopped by today and we went to Wegmans...but we spent most the day together ourselves. And same yesterday since daycare was closed for a holiday. So naturally, we had a bit of a fall photo-shoot all weekend long. My fav.

I finally checked out the PRIMARK location in Downtown Crossing on Thursday and bought a ton of new clothes for the whole family. I loved the different mens/womens/childrens sections on the various floors. Everything is super affordable. I bought these beige sweaters for the boys. They are perfect for this season! I love the little brown elbow patches. :)

Zeta has been spending a lot of time at our house lately (and my dad too) since we lost Peanut. I think she likes visiting. She plays with the kids, and the kids toys, and their blankets/boppy pillows. It's a win/win for Z! Tons of company and new toys!

Hope everyone is enjoying the weekend. Happy FALL! And go Patriots tomorrow!


PS Here's a flashback photo of me and Jim at WPI alumni weekend back in 2011!


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