Football Season has Officially Commenced!

We had some of our very best friends over yesterday to watch the Patriots game and for us, it was a big deal. Sure, we've hosted several football parties in the past throughout DC and LA, but now we are home in Massachusetts with our oldest and closest friends, it was something that made Jim and I very happy. I don't want any of our friends in LA to take that the wrong way - it's just something about being home with the fall weather approaching, watching football with your high school/college friends (or Shayla, elementary school friends) that just brings you back. There's nothing like it. Here's a quick recap of our day...

Conor and Caden are playing with Tori (not pictured - in the bathroom lol). The kids did so great. It's awesome when friends have kids the same age as your kids. Not only is the house already baby/toddler-proofed, there are also tons of new toys that make the kiddos very excited and entertained.

Everybody needed a little rest after running around all afternoon.

And of course a snuggle fest is needed.

I loved this pic - I don't know if any of them knew I was taking it. It was just an "in the moment" picture of the new Bosch/Phelan generation. And I love it.

Mama Suz was so awesome (and fair!) giving the kiddos some celebratory Patriots chocolate cake! Yum!!

Then of course the boys wanted a turn watching their favorite "shows" on the iPad. Conor and Caden like to stand the same way, by putting up their right hand at the same time. :)

It was a pretty chilly morning here in Woburn which means fall is almost here! I busted out their Penn State hoodies from Rocko in LA. This was something the boys couldn't wear out there!! Haha. I heard it's been pretty hot out here lately. In LA, these fall months are the best weekends to go to the beach, there are less tourists too. Enjoy!

Thanks again for our sweatshirts. They are certainly going to come in handy these next few months. And thanks again to our friends who came over yesterday. It was so much fun.


PS Hopefully you all saw this pic I posted yesterday. I don't remember why they were so sad, but the photo makes me giggle a bit. It also kind of reminds me of their newborn crying pic. Caden is on the right in both.


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