Homemade Banana Pancakes...and more FALL!

It looks like I preliminary posted my blog about the fall season...so here's a follow up. 

I say that because I now have a few pictures of my minimal fall decorations -- and we also just returned from Wilson Farms in Lexington to grab some fruit, fresh bread, and veggies. And boy was it PACKED.

We started the morning with some homemade banana and chocolate chip pancakes. It was a simple recipe made from ingredients I always have on hand (egg, milk, flour, sugar, butter, bananas, chocolate chips). I made 8 pancakes - 4 for Daddy, 2 for C and C, and 2 for Mom!

Then we played outside on the deck. It was really chilly this morning - so thankfully we had our sweaters nearby to toss on quick. In fact, it was so chilly, you could see your breath!

Then we tried our very first [whole] apple. Of course we've had tons of apples before, but usually either mushed up in our homemade baby food last fall, or chopped up more recently. To be honest, we are fans of softer fruits like blueberries and strawberries, but every so often we get some watermelon or apples in there for a bit of a crunch.

Caden's turn....

Conor's turn...

And here we are at Wilson Farm in Lexington. Although it was super packed, we were able to snag a few scenic pics. The boys were really tired at this point...almost nap time!

That is all of fall adventures for now. Stay tuned for more if we keep exploring!

Shaz and C-Squared


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