TGIF - Boston Public Market

Has anyone heard of Boston Public Market that opened last month?? Well, the it is legit. My mom has been reading up on it for weeks and we have both been dying to visit. A few people at work have raved about it - so of course I was anxious to go.

My mom and I planned to meet up for lunch today in Boston because she had to renew her Notary Public oath at 1 Ashburton Place - which happens to be super close to my office (and Chrissy and Lindsey's place!). We obviously had to visit the public market and we are pumped that we did. She researched a bunch prior to our visit and even ripped out a few pages of her magazine that listed the "top ten vendors" that we, of course had to try. There were over 200 applicants for the roughly 40 vendors that were selected to set up shop in the place. There were vendors that sold veggies, flowers, hand-made wooden bowls, fresh seafood, dried meats, eggs, cheeses, donuts, ice cream, coffee, etc. You get the idea.

We decided to try one of the "top ten vendors" for lunch. I ordered the fish tacos and my mom had the clam chowder at Reds Best. I also ordered a pound of the COD that was caught that day - to take home and make for dinner. I also searched around the place to make some sides that would go well with the light, tender, fresh COD.

Here's how dinner went tonight - with a surprise guest appearance from my cousin (and Caden's godfather), Derek!

Caden eating his dinner....

And Conor too...

Let me first say that my mom and I were infatuated with these things...guess what they are?! TOMATOES! They are teeny, about the size of a blueberry and they are encapsulated with this strange material. You just pop them right out and they are the sweetest little tomato ever. 

As I was prepping/cleaning/slicing/dicing everything to make dinner after the boys went to bed, Jimbo came home from work. I thought this was a cute shot. All my dinner ingredients, with my husband and children in the background. :)

I bought those awesome tomatoes I mentioned earlier, a pound of the COD, a package of onions, two zucchini, some small colorful sweet peppers, fingerling potatoes, olive bread, blueberries, and grapes...and my fish tacos.

I sliced the zucchini real thin, tossed in some onion, EVOO, salt, pepper and let them simmer for a while. We went outside to play with the boys and I completely forgot about them. Turns out, they were just fine. Thank goodness.

I then tore off two pieces of aluminum foil, threw in a handful of the sweet tomatoes, some onion slices, EVOO, balsamic, salt, pepper, lime, and half of the COD fish. I cooked them on the grill for about 15 minutes in a little aluminum foil "tent" not turning them at all. They basically steamed in the aluminum foil. 

As the fish was cooking, I washed and boiled the fingerling potatoes as is -- I didn't even peel them. I threw in a little sliced onion. Once they were fully cooked, I then drained the water and smashed everything together. I added milk, butter, salt and pepper and the potatoes were done.

We had a last minute dinner guest (duh, my cousin Derek) so I wanted to make sure we had enough food. Therefore, I also threw on some peppered pork - to substantiate the meal a bit. Oh, I also garnished with a teeny bit of cayenne pepper for some taste and color.

And how could I forget the most amazing olive bread?! I bought a loaf and feel terrible I can't remember the name of the vendor. Probably one of the best loaves I've ever had. ENJOY!

TGIF ya'll. Hope you are enjoying a beer or 5! ;)


PS Flashback to this amazing photo of Derek and I - my engagement party in 2008.


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