Books, books, books, books. books, books!

"We're brothers forever...what more can we say? Our friendship is special in so many ways...."

The boys are absolutely obsessed with books. Their favorite (coincidentally Mommy's favorite too) is called "Brothers Forever".

C and C love this book, it's is so adorable. It's the perfect length. Age appropriate. The photos capture their attention. They are always pointing at objects while I am reading. I've talked with a few friends and cousins who have kids the same age and they are obsessed with books too. It must be something about this age and learning to listen and talk. Anyway, I just did a quick search of the author P.K. Hallinan and found all these other books he authored. You know, just a few Christmas ideas for C and C! ;)  I am honestly reading this book in all these pics.....

We can't forget some fall, outside, swing-set, and wagon pics.

Daycare Art Projects:

Since I know we sadly can't save every single art project the boys make, I am going to try and take pics of them so they last forever. :) Here's a little bit of Caden and Conor's creativity....enjoy.

All for now. Hope you all enjoy the weekend! Wishing John Bosch yet another happy birthday! Here was bday wish number one and number two...this is the third birthday wish on shazbythesea!

Shaz and the boys

P.S. Much needed Flashback FRIDAY on this one. Here's Caden and Conor last Thanksgiving (6.5 months) wearing these 9 month jackets. And here they are wearing them this morning! They swapped colors though. In the top photo, Caden is wearing orange and Conor's in blue. And in the bottom pic Conor is in orange and Caden in blue. This made me smile. :)


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