I first want to thank everyone for coming to our housewarming party on Saturday. The weather wasn't the best all last week/weekend, but it cooperated for a few of us to be outside a bit throughout the day.

Both Jim and I feel that the housewarming party was successful. I personally had a blast and think many of our friends/family did, too. The party started around 4PM so for dinner I made some pulled pork and beans for the main course - and we also had tons of sides like cole slaw, potato salad, a cranberry/feta cheese green salad, hot dogs, and chili. I was aiming for more of a fall spread than a typical summer BBQ of burgers and dogs.

Here's the spread. I took a pic of the pulled pork about an hour after I put it in the slow cooker. I made about 30 lbs, so three different pork shoulders about 10 lbs each. I covered them in spices, ginger ale, onion, garlic, and Sweet Baby Rays BBQ sauce from BJs. They cooked for almost 18 hours each (3 different crock pots). I also served some additional BBQ sauce on the side.


Earlier in the day, my parents brought over the kids trick or treat pumpkins that were at their house from last year....and a football, and Pluto, and Mickey. It was like Christmas for C and C! 

This post will act more as a photo album of the party rather than a typical blog post. I wanted to share several photos of our guests that came to celebrate and warm up our new house! ;) 

Here's Jim's cousin Chris and his wife DeMarigny.

Our new neighbors, Fred and Sandy with Jim and his Dad.

Don and Paula, Lindsey's parents.

Kyle and Shayla came over during the FIRST wedding anniversary, on 10/3. Happy anniversary you two! Thanks for celebrating with us. Congrats!

Shay, Chrissy, and Emily enjoying some prosecco.
Some of the Berry boys...Jason, Jared and Daddy Brandon.

Me and my Gram sippin on some vino. 

Jim's cousin Bill, his wife Jess, and their daughter Sloane came to visit. Thanks for the whiskey guys!

Below are a couple shots of the gals, the Boschs, and a few bday pics to celebrate Jimbo turning the big 3-1.


Jim's parents and brother Joe stayed overnight and hung out with Jim, myself, and Conor and Caden the following day. The boys had been a little under the weather; and I must say, they did quite well considering they weren't feeling the greatest. Here's a great pic of Uncle Joe and Conor and also Gramps and Caden (two baby Bs!). ;)

And the boys still LOVE outside and their new swingset!! It's all freshly painted and set up in our backyard. Best decision ever. They seriously love it. :)

THANK YOU again to everyone who traveled from far distances, made various dishes like salads and jello shots (ha!) and brought wine/beer. We appreciate it and we are so happy to be home! First MA party = success!!


PS Caden and Conor's current obsession is BOOKS. They love to sit on my lap and read and turn the pages. I love it. Looks like we should hit up the Children's section at the Woburn Public Library this weekend -- where my mom took Chrissy and I all the time when we were young!



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