All things SHAZ these days...

This post is about ME, so if you are looking to hear updates and see pictures of Conor and Caden - you may need to wait til the next post. ;)

Two years ago, around this time, I posted a list of "what I'm watching, what I'm listening to, and what I'm eating" and I thought it would be fun to do it again. I think Lindsey gave me the idea, so thanks Linds! I think it's only fair to document what I am doing, as well as what the boys doing these days. Right? So here you go, these are the things that I am into currently.

1. What I'm Watching:  Scandal (still) and QUANTICO! The new show on ABC. 

2. What I'm Listening To:  "Beautiful Drug" by Zac Brown Band - the boys favorite - and my new favorite Pandora station, which is Thomas Jack radio. My cousin Derek recommended it and we both love listening to it when we are hanging at my place.

3. What I'm Eating:  Protein! 

This is actually the same answer I gave two years ago in October 2013 because I was pregnant with the twins and didn't announce it yet. I don't know if anyone is aware of this, but when you are pregnant, you are supposed to eat about 100 g of protein per day. An average sized woman should eat anywhere from 50-70 anyway, so add a crapload and you are now feeding twins. Anyway, back to Shaz. In my Halloween post a few weeks ago, I mentioned I was trying to decrease my sugar intake, and increase my protein intake with these coffee/vanilla protein powder smoothies. That's been going pretty well!  So far, I feel great.

All for now, nothing too exciting to report. I do have a fabulous fall dinner dish that I blogged about last year - but I need to redo and take pics. My last post just touched on it briefly. I will give you a hint, it includes turnip, onions, and eggplant. It's delish and perfect for this time of year.


PS Flashback to when Milady hosted Veronica and I for dinner in November 2011. We must redo this ASAP! This time, I will host, and we need to extend the invite to Kristin Z! Veronica needs to come back and visit Boston!! Let's plan it girls. ;)


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