Halloween 2014 on the top, and Halloween 2015 on the bottom. Mama is holding Caden and Auntie Chrissy is holding Conor in both pics.

Here are my two little pumpkins. I had to put the TV on to distract them from taking off their hats. They were so cute! And they hated them. I can't really blame them.

Aunties Chrissy and Lindsey came over to hang before their Halloween party. They even came trick or treating with us!!

One last picture with scarecrow Mommy before heading over to Grammy and Grampa's neighborhood (where mommy went trick or treating when she was little).

Here we are arriving at Grammy and Grampa's! Trick or TREAT!!  Photo cred Auntie Cookie!

At this point, the boys were already fading and we hadn't even started trick or treating. Haha it was going to be a long night!

We took them around the neighborhood in the wagon. They liked seeing all the different people and especially the lights at all the houses. It was pretty much bedtime for them - so they liked just sitting and enjoying the ride.

Halloween Night and Next Day:


This is how Mama is detoxing:
I have been indulging on WAY too much sugar lately. I have two or more sugars in my coffee each day (each coffee, each day) and have eaten soooo much Halloween candy. I had some at my desk at work and some here at the house. It is too much. SO how do we fix this??? I started making a keurig cup of coffee in the morning, mixing it with low carb, low sugar protein powder, ice and almond milk. That way I won't have those lack-of-caffeine headaches, while also not indulging on tons of unnecessary sugar. Here we go!


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