November Cape Cod Visits!

Who says you can only go to the beach in the summer? Not Caden and Conor! For us, we try and go to the beach every time we visit Cape Cod. It's often a quick trip, and very often a whirlwind, but as long as we can take a walk to the water, it's refreshing and relaxing...and makes for some gorgeous pics.

We coincidentally walked down to Keyes Beach in Hyannis around sunset. The boys loved kicking around in the sand. Check out this adorable video of them enjoying the sand. Conor didn't want to leave the beach at all. He was so sad and heartbroken. He wanted to stay forever. I hear ya, Con! We love the beach too. It was getting close to dinner time and we still needed to walk back to our house (about a 1/2 mile) so we needed to get going.

But here are a few of my fav beach pics from the day.

We arrived at the beach after about a 10-15 minute walk. They hopped out of the stroller and starting chasing me!

Conor, Caden, and Mommy loved watching the water. They were intrigued by the little "waves" and ripples and how the water was moving. They also didn't understand why they were allowed to go in the ocean this summer, but they couldn't go in this time. They weren't too thrilled about that. They wanted to splash splash splash.

The video of them walking on the beach, starts out with them looking a little like this. They loved watching the sand kick up off their shoes as they were walking together. They looked the same.

And here are a few of my fav pics from the whole day, hanging around our house and Jim's parents house, too.

We started out the day by surprising Nana and Gramps on their front steps at 9AM. Sometimes it's easier for Jim and I not to have a plan -- and be rather spontaneous. Since he wanted to go down the Cape to do some yard work and other things, last minute we all decided to join him. So here we were!

Nana and Grampas had taken out Daddy's old "McDonalds" set when he was a young kid. The boys LOVED it. It was perfect for them - they were exploring the whole thing. Conor loved the cash register drawer that popped open. He kind of took over. Look at him here!! Haha.

Then we all came over to our house to have some breakfast. I made the boys some scrambled eggs, fruit, and yogurt. Conor loves eating his yogurt himself these days. He does great with the spoon. Caden loves to use his hands in the yogurt and smear it everywhere. It takes everything I have not to freak out at the mess (!!). :)

G-G and Conor snuggles! It was 5 years to the day that Jim's Grampa Paul Phelan passed away (11/8/2010), so it was nice we were all spending the day together. And I know Paul would've loved seeing Conor and Caden, especially since he had twin boys of his own.

We went for a walk to Hyannis Center around 11AM. Caden fell asleep in the stroller and since Conor was wide awake and playing in his crib, I just held him. It was so so so sweet. This is a treasured moment because Caden typically doesn't love being held. He is very independent and very much on the go - so this was my favorite. I honestly didn't want to let go.

Then it was the afternoon and we were awake again! This is when we decided to head towards the beach. Happy blue-eyed boys. They love being outside.

Overall, it was a real nice day. We didn't spend the night this trip - which honestly wasn't even that bad. Sometimes when we sleep over, we need to worry about making all the beds and taking care of towels/linens and it's a lot of work. The day trip was quick, fun, and easy.

All for now. Happy Veteran's Day - thank you for your service. Last year at the time, Jim and I were exploring the DC sites with two little babies! Check out how cute and little they were - here's my post from last year.



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