One Year Comparison: Fall vs Fall

Last Fall, we were almost 6 months old and we looked like this. Coincidentally, Conor is on the left in all these pics. That helps! ;)

Fast forward one full, busy, exciting, adventurous, loving, memorable year, and we are 18 months old. We are more interactive than ever, and couldn't love each other any more. We look like this:

Over the last year, we have been through milestones, scares, exciting and fun times, and also some sad, unsure, and unpredictable times. It's crazy to think that only a year has gone by, because SO much happens in one day, one week, and one month, nevermind a whole year. But we are super fortunate to have these lovable and enjoyable little nuggets in our lives. They make each day better.

I hope you all take an extra second to be thankful to have the ones that you have - with everything going on in the world (not just in Paris). It's terrifying to think about, but makes me appreciate my family and loved ones that much more. I am not even just talking about awful terrorist attacks either at home or abroad, but also the tragedies that happen day to day like car accidents or illnesses. Life can be so awful and unfair. Take a minute and appreciate what you have - you never know when it will be gone.

Anyway, try to have a happy and safe Sunday, from my family to yours. And say a little prayer for those who were involved in such tragedies this weekend. My heart goes out to them and their families.




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