Photo Dump! November 2015

I was reading a fellow mom-blog and saw that each week or two, she does a "photo dump" from her phone. Most of the time I'm with C and C, I have my phone with me and snap away as much as possible. We, moms, don't want to miss a thing! And often, I don't post the pictures I take. So I am going to try and do a weekly photo dump so I can keep better track of our day to day and the boys new experiences.

So here's our first phone photo dump. Conor and Caden love playing with remote controls. Conor is usually more interested in them (because Caden LOVES his cars), but Caden is holding the remote in the pic.

Here's a cute mama/bottle snuggle after work one day. I thought I would have the boys off their bottles by the time they were a year and a half (they turned 1.5 on Friday, 11/6!), but Caden really loves it and I figure he especially could use the calcium and calories. So of course when I give Caden his bottle, Conor wants his. But typically Conor doesn't really "ask" for it. We'll see how long we continue to use them at bedtime.

Daycare coloring pic! I love how Caden has like 12 crayons in his left hand and is coloring with his right. It's like he's holding on to them so nobody else can use them. What a great sharer! ;)

As I've mentioned before, we really love our swingset and the slide. Caden really really love sliding, but Conor typically likes to stand on the top. However, just yesterday they both wanted to go down at the same time. Keryn managed them wonderfully! Haha they can be a challenge especially when they throw a fit if they don't get their way. We need to work on taking turns!

Breakfast for dinner last night. Scrambled eggs, yogurt, fruit, and Cheerios. High protein and quite a mess. But the boys loved it. That's all that matters.

This morning when we went outside, the boys immediately ran to their swings and "asked" if they could go up on them. In other words, they ran to their swings and grabbed them so they could be lifted up. It was rather adorable.

We also had a smoothie this morning!! It's been quite some time since I've made them one and they loved it. This one had almond milk, a banana, a black raspberry chobani yogurt, vanilla protein powder, and ice. They basically drank the whole thing. Not sure who had more (probably Conor lol) but they loved it. Chugged the whole thing! And I'm wearing the new Calvin Klein yoga pants my mom just bought me...a bright blue/black floral print. I love them. Thanks, Mom!!! 

Playing with their red cars at 7am! This is basically Conor and Caden 90% of their day. 


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