Simple Thanksgiving Sides

Here are a few of my go to side dishes to bring to dinner parties or Thanksgiving dinner. Surprisingly, you may have most of these ingredients in your house already which makes everything a bit simpler. No one wants to go out and buy 5 ingredients and 6 new spices for one dish. So these are really just simple and easy. Also - similar to when I made Conor and Caden's baby food, the Magic Bullet is yet again a must-have because it can save a lot of time slicing and dicing!

Sweet Potatoes:

Let me start with my favorite side dish -- not just during Thanksgiving but it's my go to. It's great for cookouts, alongside main entrees, and in the fall for Thanksgiving. It's basically chunks of sweet potatoes, rosemary and olive oil. Peeling and dicing he sweet potatoes takes the most time, so once that is complete you can go ahead and spice it up how you like it. After I wash, peel, and dice them, I take a small magic bullet cup and add the rosemary from 2 sprigs, three pieces of garlic, salt, pepper, olive oil, and water.  I blend that up really fine until it's all mixed together. I pour the mixture over the diced sweet potatoes. I also add a little more EVOO to top it off and some diced onion (a quarter or half of a small white onion). I then put it in the oven at 375 degrees for about an hour. The softer, the better for this dish. It can get mushy once it's out of the oven, so beware. Stir as minimally as possible. 


I roasted some cauliflower the other day while making a dish for my sister and Lindsey. I was reminded at how simple it is to make cauliflower. Why don't I do it more often??? I opened it up, rinsed it off, and cut it all up in about 2 minutes. I threw it all in a baking dish and drizzled some EVOO, salt, garlic salt, pepper, and some shredded low fat cheddar cheese. I tossed in a few of the diced onions I mentioned before and stirred it all together. I then threw it in the oven with the sweet potatoes at 375 degrees. I let that cook for about 45. It doesn't need as long as the sweet potatoes. If you want to stir again and add a little more cheese for a garnish, no one would be mad about it. ;)

Honestly, all you would need after that is the turkey (which is way easy - you practically throw it in the oven), a can of corn, cranberry sauce and some stuffing, Bam, your dinner is done.

Here's a little flashback pic to our Thanksgiving last year, 2014 and the year before Jim and I got married, 2009.  Fun memories!




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