It's Beginning to Look a LOT Like Christmas....

(...minus the lack of snow)

This is what the sky looked like off my back deck the other morning. It was about 7:20AM and it was gorgeous. The pictures don't even do it justice.

We still love smoothies...and we still love drinking them on the go. Our favorite recipes these days are banana, yogurt, milk, blueberries, spinach and ice. I sometimes add a scoop of protein powder - depends on their diet that day. If they need it, I add it.

Here are a few pictures of the boys just LOVING their Christmas tree. Each day, I feel like we put more ornaments on, and more garland. Since I took these pics, we now have silver/gold garland and double the amount of lights.


We couldn't wait til Christmas...we set up their train! It is so cool. It actually says "This is the train to the Polar Express" and has a whistle and bell and everything. Jim and I may be more into it than the kids right now.

All for now...



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