Oh, Christmas Tree....Oh, Christmas Tree!

A couple of weeks ago, we took the boys to the Woburn Mall for some Papa Ginos! I went with both my mom and dad while Jim worked late. He was preparing to go to Brussels for work - which meant long work days. My parents, me and the boys had a great time and the pizza is obviously so greasy and yummy. My Dad had a good idea to walk down the mall to see if there was a line for Santa. There wasn't - so the boys hopped on Santa's lap and we took a few great pics. No tears!

Here's a quick pic of my mornings last week dropping the kids off at daycare AND picking them up. It was a long week with Jim being so far away (5 hour time difference) but I really enjoyed the morning and afternoon time with the boys. And they were pretty much healthy, so they slept wonderfully all week. I just bought these bright orange shirts - I love them! I can find C and C from a mile away. :)

We went Christmas Tree shopping a week or so ago. The boys ran all over the place. It was honestly like a maze - I thought I was going to lose them. They're so FAST.

They are SO into choo choo trains now, too. This is a tiny little train that goes around in circles. They can sit and stare at it forever. They even say "choo choo". It's so cute. We got a big surprise for them for Christmas...a big polar express choo choo train that goes around the base of the Christmas tree. That's their big gift this year.

Outside lamp post decorated! Ha that's the extent of my outdoor decorating. Hey - you can see the tree in the window, so that's enough right??

And a few extra pics of ordinary life these days........



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