Baked Veggie & Cheese Crescent Roll

My mom found this recipe from Market Basket, and thought it would be perfect for our Christmas Eve dinner. I know, it was about a month ago, but I wanted to write about it because it was delicious! It was very rich - so it's good for a holiday, not a random Tuesday. I wish I had an after pic because the "raw" picture doesn't really do it justice.

We diced up a bunch of vegetables and added them to some grated cheese and cream cheese. We then wrapped it up in the crescent roll, in a circle formuation. Easy right?! It was SO good. The veggies we used were broccoli, tomatoes, mushrooms, and scallions. We boiled the broccoli first, and sauteed the mushrooms - the tomatoes and scallions can be used raw. We then mixed them with an 8oz container of cream cheese and some shredded cheddar. We placed out the little triangles of the crescent rolls on a baking sheet, and poured the mixture on the triangles and fold them up over the mixture. Prior to folding up the crescent rolls, we added a teeny bit more shredded cheese -- and some salt and pepper. You can also brush some butter on the top, but since we bought the buttery crescent rolls, we figured that was plenty. Up to you!

Also, I thought it would be worth mentioning one of my favorite toddler meal products in this post. I'm not sponsoring nor do I receive any compensation for this -- these are simply my thoughts alone. I feel like I listed my favorite newborn items and my favorite baby (9-12 months) items and haven't done too much for toddler things. So for those of you with toddlers, I suggest looking into these toddler plates by EZ PZ. They are difficult for toddlers to lift, which means minimal to no spillage - and also they separate the food in different spaces, which makes for easier clean up too. The material is nice and food doesn't really stick to them. You can also bring these out to restaurants so children aren't eating off the table or using a glass plate. I'm a huge fan!

All for now! Have a great weekend and stay warm out there. I was secretly hoping for a blizzard but I guess a couple inches will do. :)



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