First Winter in MA!

When we first heard about the weather this weekend, I was SO excited!! Then I heard we were only getting a few inches. Sure, the boys experienced some snow in DC, but I'm ready for them to experience a Massachusetts winter. So far, they have been loving the snow. I know we haven't had very much of it --- and they haven't really played outside in it, but they love watching it fall from the sky. They hold out their little hands and try to catch the snowflakes. It's so sweet.

Here's Caden and Conor watching Jimmy shovel the driveway. He also used his snowblower, which they couldn't take their eyes off of...they stood here for like 15 minutes watching him. That's how I was able to back up and take the pic from further away. ;)

Jim's Mom ("Nana") bought the boys these winter coats. And my mom ("Grammy") bought them these little clips so I can hang their mittens off the jackets. Unfortunately, they don't love their coats OR their mittens - but hey, at least I won't lost them. When you have twins, there are LOTS of things to keep track's tough.

Cay and Con leaving school one day this week! All bundled up.  *Note - I don't usually put their coats on in the car. I'm actually hugely opposed to it. It was just REALLY really cold that day, and they are sick. 

Mama and Conor time.

Mama and Caden time.

We finally took down our Christmas tree last weekend. Naturally, I had to take a pic of the living room, since it looked so open and clean. We still keep our coffee table in front of the fireplace since the boys love playing with it - but other than that, I love the way the room looks...and I love the paint color. My Dad did a great job. Shoutout to Anchor Bend Glassworks in RI for the vases in the background. If you need or want any blown glass, they are the place to go!

The vases were made for my wedding on 7/10/10. I liked the simplicity of the centerpieces. The callalilies were minimal and made the vases stand out a bit more. We also named our tables the names of California beaches since we were living there at the time. I love reminiscing about that day. By the way, look at that view of the Boston skyline....stunning.

And my amazing friend Sarah bought me this fun Cape Cod pillow for my birthday! I opened it up on Tuesday and I LOVE it! It's a perfect addition for the room....and it's very accurate. (It reads: "let's go to the Cape")

All for now! TGIF!!!


PS Flashback Friday pic!!  Here are some childhood pictures of Chrissy and I. I can't help but see Conor on the left (its prob the thumb sucking) and Caden on the right. Finally...some of Mama!!

And another bonus flashback pic...from their first REAL snow over Thanksgiving 2014. Coincidentally, Conor left and Caden right.


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