Bridal Shower #chrissyandbigredwed!!!

On Saturday, I hosted Chrissy and Lindsey's bridal shower at my house in Woburn. I must admit, I was a little nervous to host such a large crowd (almost 60 people!). But I think everything worked out really well. We had enough food, everything was warm/hot, and we had plenty of booze and music. Space was a bit tight, but the crowd was awesome. Everyone was happy and friendly and most importantly, thrilled for Chrissy and Linds.

Here are a just a few of the hundreds of pics we have! What a fun day/night!! CONGRATS to the gorgeous brides to be. :)

Here are a few "before" shots, getting the house ready over the last week.

Chrissy's friend Kate made these amazing champagne glasses. Everyone loved them. What a gorgeous personal touch, yeah?


The happy BRIDES opening their gifts!!!! This pic captures them opening an excursion for their honeymoon in Thailand.

Their stunning, creative, AND delicious Marylous cake made by their friend Kristen. Those Marylous cups are 100% edible! Amazing, right??

 Bridesmaids tasks. :)

Group shots! Here is Lindsey with her bridal crew - minus her brother Matt and her friend Nicole.

Here is Chrissy with her bridal crew - minus Jim (he was putting Conor and Caden to sleep at my parents house) and her friend Jamison.

A little later in the ice luge may or may not have made an appearance in my kitchen!

 And Conor and Caden stealing the brides hats the following day. ;)

Shoutout to the bridal party for their contributions. I hope everyone had a great time at the shower! Congrats again, Chrissy and Linds!! Hopefully you have a snow day to recover from the busy last few days. 



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