Pregnancy 1 vs Pregnancy 2

Can I talk about the differences between first pregnancy and second pregnancy for a minute? Your first pregnancy is SO exciting and new and glorious and the anticipation of your new little arrival (or arrivals) is all you think about. And then you have a baby (or two) and then eventually get pregnant again. Life changes. It is no longer about you. You no longer have time to rest, you no longer have time to yourself, you no longer have time to relax, and you certainly no longer have time for your weekly pedicures. Yes - I may have gone pedicure happy when I was living down in DC before the boys were born. I had no friends nearby and was bored out of my mind.  

Anyway, fast forward to pregnancy number two and it's vastly different. I can't tell you how tired I feel - and how pregnant I feel lately. Does that make sense...that I feel pregnant? I know, I am only 15 weeks along, but I seriously feel six months pregnant. I am not complaining about how awful I feel, because I really don't feel that bad....I just feel so tired and achy and quite frankly different this time around. Weirdly, I feel so different but I feel so much the same, too. The "all-day sickness" I had with the boys, I have this time (I am talking constant puking). And all the nausea I had with the boys, I have this time, too. I assume this baby is a boy because I look and feel the same in that regard - but when it comes time to rest, there is just none of it....and that is the most different aspect of it all. You second/third/fourth time Mamas must know what I'm saying. ;)  Chasing two little 1.5 year olds is a LOT of work!! 

I posted this picture the other day - what do you guys think? I feel like I look pretty similar and my symptoms are really the same. Plus, same shirt and glasses. I suppose the difference between 29 and 31 is a little different...and I look tired on the right. Let's be real folks.

16 weeks pregnant with the twins on the left
15 weeks pregnant with Baby C on the right

I played this little game when I was 37 weeks pregnant with the boys, and I like looking back and reading it. So here we go.

Weight Gained: I gained a total of 49 pounds my first pregnancy. For twins, that isn't terrible, but definitely getting up there. I remember going in for my weekly check up around 36 weeks and my OB said I shouldn't gain any more weight. How do you tell a pregnant woman with two babies not to gain any more weight?? I topped the scale at 184 lbs. I started at about 135 lbs. I weighed 142 before I got pregnant the second time (couldn't lose the last 5-10) and I weighed 146 at 13 weeks pregnant. I go back to the doctor on 2/9, so I will report how much I weigh then! Hoping not to gain more than 25 lbs this time.

Symptoms: Hungry, but still having lots of food aversions. I am physically tired, and mild clumsiness and forgetfulness...I blame that on the lack of sleep. ;)

Contractions: None, too early.

Swelling: None yet - again, too early. My feet and lower legs were SO swollen last time, but my hands weren't too bad.  

Blood Pressure: All very normal and very good! 

Baby Movement: Believe it or not, I started feeling some flutters at week 13. I googled it and during your second/third pregnancy, you can feel movement that early. Yay!  

Food Cravings:  All I want is carbs (especially mac n cheese). I feel better when I actually eat healthier things, even though I never want them. Everything makes my stomach turn.

Food Aversions: I hate everything, especially salad. 

Sleep: Sleep has been tough. Lots of getting up in the night. I usually pee twice in the night these days. 

Stretch Marks: I have a few small stretch marks from before - but nothing crazy. And certainly none from this pregnancy yet.

Miss Anything? I miss being able to sleep on my belly .... and well, sleep in general.

Looking forward to: Meeting Baby C, and seeing Conor and Caden become big brothers! I am also excited to start feeling normal again. I remember how good I felt after the boys were born. That was a great feeling.  

New Baby Items: Nothing new. I feel like it's still early. Plus, we have so much stuff from when the boys were little...ha you know, because it was like a year ago.

Exercise: Bahaha nooooo exercise whatsoever. I walk around the city a lot while I am working, and I walk outside with the boys occasionally - even though they aren't really loving their stroller lately. They are too independent. We now use the wagon 99% of the time.

So there you have it. Stay tuned for more updates! 

Shaz, A and B and C ;)


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