Saturday Mornings at our House

I received a YMCA brochure in the mail this week and waited til this morning to check it out. For the boys first birthday, Chrissy and Lindsey gave the boys swimming lessons at the YMCA and I've been waiting til this spring to enroll them. I wanted to wait until spring so they are ready to swim in Cape Cod this summer! I also made myself some green tea and a piece of carrot cake -- yummy breakfast with my boys. I love that they are in their booster seats because now we can eat together. It's quite nice!

This is how bedtime has been going lately. They are randomly wired and all they want to do is play. Maybe it's because in preparation for the bridal shower, I moved a TON of the boys toys in their room - so now it's full of fun stuff. I kind of like it; especially in this winter months, it's nice to have a change of scenery and have different place to play.

My friend Keryn got these personalized toy chests for Conor and Caden. Granted, we only have one set up right now (clearly Conor's) but we are working on getting Caden's put together. Maybe we can do that after Jim takes the MA bar exam in a few days. They love playing with the curtains and blinds now.

And then we had a fun photo shoot while Jim was playing and dancing with the boys. Here he is with both of them. I think Conor was enjoying it a bit more. Ha.

Then just Dad and Conor...pure happiness.

And then Dad and Caden. He loved being thrown in the air.

I hope everyone has a wonderful long weekend! Stay warm, it's going to be real real real COLD!


PS Flashback pics to July 2014 - the boys and their Dad! Love that they are rocking their Boston gear in DC. :)


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