Snow Day....Photo Dump!

It's been a while since I have done a big photo dump from my phone -- and I figured, what better day to do that than a snow day! There is absolutely no rhyme or reason to any of these pictures, other than they simply made me happy. :)

I mean, how can you not immediately smile when you look at this bum comparison photo? I think the one on the left is when they were 8 months or so? I can't even remember. And the one on the right is the boys at 20 let's just say they about a year apart! Caden on the left in both.

Ha. Conor has been obsessed with carrying a blanket (or two) with him wherever he goes.

New booster seats! Growing up so fast.

We took the boys to the Liberty Tree Mall in Danvers when they went to Skyzone. While we were there, they discovered these cars. It was the BEST day of their lives. They loved all of them so much.

I love Monday nights. It tends to be the night where I hang with my Dad. My mom works late on Mondays...and Jim works late quite often, so we hang out! This past Monday we had pasta over there and then walked around the neighborhood. We met a little 19 month old boy named Charlie! Maybe they will all go to school together one day.

Caden his Christmas PJs last night. :)

And Conor snoozin in HIS Christmas PJs last night.

Caden has been really diggin Jim's beard lately. It's cute.

I like this picture of them at school because it shows them being "mirror twins". Conor tends to use his right hand for crafts and eating, and Caden uses his left. They both use both hands, but predominantly Conor appears to be a righty and Caden appears to be a lefty. I'm not sure if I mentioned this in a previous post, but I've always believed them to be mirror twins. I felt this way not only due to their different righty/lefty hand usage, but mainly due to their hair pattern swirls on their heads. Their hair swirls in opposite directions; one clockwise and the other counter clockwise - I forget which is which. But to provide more info on mirror twins, I took this excerpt from this website.  Disclaimer: I don't believe the organ thing applies to them...eek.

Mirror Twins

Mirror twins. also called "Mirror Image Twins". are a subset of identical twins and are identical twins with opposite features. that is one will be right handed and the other will be left handed. One quarter (1/4) of all identical twins may be mirror twins. These mirrors are literally reflections of each other and may possess matching or almost matching fingerprints and share the same DNA. They result form a late split of the fertilized egg at around 9-12 days. The one mirror may or may not have situs reverus or situs inversus. This is where the organs will be on the opposite side of the body. heart being on the right. etc.

And here are a few snow day pics! They like watching the snow fall from the sky...and often they try and catch the flakes. :)

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! I am prepping for my sister's (and future sister in law!) bridal shower tomorrow. Can't wait to see everyone!!!



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