Weekend Recap - Stone Zoo and Trampolines!

Here's how my Saturday morning started -- Caden and Conor reaching into my cereal bowl and eating my raisin bran. Gee, thanks guys. I didn't want to eat anyway.

We then packed up our stuff, dressed warmly, printed out our 50% off Stone Zoo coupon and headed to Stoneham to see the animals. I had no idea what to expect. I honestly thought they were going to be too young for the zoo, but they LOVED it. They giggled at the animals and were in awe of everything they saw. We saw bears, fox, ducks, incas, cranes, reindeer, yaks, chickens, otters, and more. It was amazing and I loved seeing them experience it.

Then we came home and took a nap...and when we woke, we played in this big ridiculous cardboard box. I ended up drawing big circle tires and other decorations on the box to pretend it was a race car - they seemed to be into that. It made sort of a mess, but it's OK. We're little boys and that's what we like to do. Caden left, Conor right.

Then on Sunday, we met up with my friend Kristin (birthday girl!) for some trampoline jumping fun. They liked this pit too -- and all the toys that were floating around. They didn't jump a whole lot, they really just loved experiencing something new. It was a perfect day to do this...Mama need some time away from the house and so did the boys! 

We slept REAL good that night!!!

I hope you all had a great weekend too! Always goes by so fast....snuggle while you can. :)  Con left and Cay right. My favs.



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