C and L Bachelorette Bash!!

We just came back from an awesome weekend in Killington, VT celebrating Chrissy and Lindsey's joint bachelorette party. It was a great group - some new faces and some old friends. Everyone got along great and everything went perfect. We had some dinners and drinks out, relaxation at the house, mimosas for days, and also a visit to the Longtrail Brewery. What a  FUN time!! Two brides are better than one! ;)

Friday night, Kelly planned a dinner for Lindsey and I planned a dinner for Chrissy -- it was nice to have some individual bride time. Chrissy's group hit up the Foundry Restaurant in Killington and Linds' group went out for some fun scorpion bowls and pu pu platters! YUM!

Friday late night, we merged parties and all hung out back at the house. This gave everyone the opportunity to meet and get to know each other a little bit better. I must say, this was NOT a shy group. It was really fun and everyone had a blast.

Saturday morning/day was probably one of my favorites. We all had brunch and mimosas in the morning, followed by just pure relaxation and veggin out at the house. Our house was incredible, so it was a great idea to hang out and enjoy it. I mean, check out the hot tub, the view, and this brunch spread! Why LEAVE?!!?

During brunch, we busted out these trucker hats for everyone to wear during our walk to the Longtrail Brewery later in the day. I bought plain black ones for everyone (and sharpies so people could write what they wanted) and two pink "Mrs" hats for the brides to be!

Hanging outside enjoying the weather, the view, and the cocktails!

The bridesguys enjoyed some "golf" in our backyard -- and I am seriously sad we didn't get this bonfire going...the one in the far background with the benches, not the mini pathetic one in the front of this photo.


On Saturday afternoon, we visited the Longtrail Brewery and we had an awesome setup. We were outside in the tent - overlooking some streams outside. It was really nice. The Longtrail also had #chrissyandbigredwed on the sign and little table tents. The nice personalized touches were appreciated. :) We had a late lunch, indulged on some tasty beers (I may have tried a few!). And ventured back to the house for some more hanging...and a few naps.

Big group pic!

We hit up the Pickle Barrel late night on Saturday for some fun live music and booze. This place was awesome. We had VIP passes that said #chrissyandbigredwed as well as these fun pics of them and the balloons. It really made us stand out. ;)

I hope everyone, especially our brides, enjoyed themselves this weekend! Fun memories made. And now, most importantly...HAPPY BIRTHDAY, LINDSEY!!!!!!!



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