Cape Visit - First Time in Months!

Weekend Recap: On Saturday, Jim and I decided to spontaneously pack up the kiddos and a very small couple of bags and head down the Cape for the night. We are lucky to have the Cape house - so we thought we might as well try and make use of it. We left around noon on Saturday and the boys slept the whole way. Caden left, Conor right.

When we arrived at the house, the boys played with their "Cape toys". It's nice when we go there after a long while, because their toys are pretty much brand new to them -- even the toys they used when they were babies. We then visited with Jim's Dad for a little while. Jim ended up feeling pretty sick with a bad head cold, so we went to bed shortly after the boys did. It was nice to get a good night sleep and the trip was short but relaxing.


When we woke on Sunday, we went for a drive to Marylous to get some iced coffees and then we spent some time with both of Jim's parents and his Grandma, Mary. She is the one who had twin boys herself - she kept saying how C and C bring back so many memories for her. It's probably easier for her to remember this toddler phase rather than the two-newborns-at-a-time blur. I barely remember the first year of Conor and Caden's life. Good thing I blogged about it! ;)


When we arrived back in Woburn on Sunday, we spent the afternoon outside. It was really warm, in fact it was 10 degrees warmer in Woburn than it was in the Cape. We played outside on our bikes, colored the driveway with chalk, played with bubbles, and visited with the neighborhood kids! Overall, it was a very fun weekend with quality family time. Despite Jim feeling under the weather and Conor and Caden getting some bumps and bruises here and there, I loved it.

I hope everyone has a great week! Get out there and VOTE today!!



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