Fall Back, SPRING Ahead!

It's daylight savings this weekend -- and it's also #chrissyandbigred bachelorette party up in Killington, VT. I don't know which I'm more excited about (lol jk). But honestly, with this warm weather, it's hard not to be excited about the longer days ahead.

I've spent the last few days gearing up and packing for the VT trip, for both myself and the boys. I laid things out and wrote a bunch of notes on all things "Conor and Caden" for the weekend. My parents are going to pick them up from school today and watch them the weekend. We will be back Sunday.

Now let's get back to this SPRING weather we've been having! We have spent so much time outside these last few days. It has been wonderful. Here's a pic of Caden and Conor loving the outside at their daycare. The swingset there is the perfect size for them. They are able to climb up the ladder and slide down all on their own. Our swingset is much bigger, it requires a lot of lifting/guiding by Mommy and Daddy.

I was feeling real tired the other night, so my sister came over and hung with the boys before Jim came home from work. It was really helpful. Some days I overdo it and Wednesday was definitely one of those days. Thanks, Chrissy!

I know I mentioned it already, but they really love the new letter mat we got them the other day. Each morning, Conor comes down and runs to get his "X". Last night, Shayla and Kyle came over for dinner and Conor immediately had to show her his "X" and "Y" (and said it as he handed them to her). Shortly after that, he grabbed Kyle's hand and walked around the house to his playroom so they could play together. Then I had Caden say his new word "definitely!!". He tries so hard to say it and it's the cutest.

Caden likes all the different letters - especially the "O" or something he can drive around like a steering wheel.

I also had my 20 week anatomy ultrasound yesterday at MGH and my mom came along for the fun. She wasn't able to come to any doctor appts out in LA when I was pregnant before, so I think she enjoyed seeing Baby C. We received a great report - baby is doing fantastic, and I haven't gained a single pound since my last appt on February 9. I know that isn't anything to boast about because the main concern is healthy/growing baby. But since the baby is growing right on track, and I didn't gain any weight, I would call that a win/win!

Here's a little comparison of the new Baby C ultrasound pic from yesterday, as well as Conor and Caden's below at 20 weeks. Look at Baby C's tiny little foot in the last pic. Hehe!!

Here's to a great weekend ahead...and some Grammy and Grampa time for the boys!! It'll be a fun and different weekend for everyone! Congratulations to Chrissy and Linds - enjoy every minute!

Shaz, A, B, and C :)


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