Lá fhéile Pádraig Shona Dhaoibh 2016!

Lá fhéile Pádraig Shona Dhaoibh!! or Happy St. Patrick's Day (tomorrow)! When my family and I did a home exchange in Ireland in 2012, the Irish couple that we met sent us an email showing us how to say Happy St. Patrick's Day in Irish. They also said that Irish people don't say Gaelic, they say Irish. I thought that was funny.

So anyway, rewinding a bit, here we are driving back from Vermont on Sunday. I was VERY excited to get back to see my little boys. Jim was feeling pretty tired at this point. His eyes may or may not be open.....and yes, he was the one that was driving.

While we were away, my aunt Julie visited Caden and Conor and my parents. She brought over fun new toys for the boys and they LOVE them. They haven't stopped playing with them all week. She also gave them two adorable hats. They are totally going to wear on Easter. How adorable are they!? Thanks, Ju Ju!! By the way, I don't even know who's who.......haha.

Now for the FOOD. Just in time for St. Patrick's Day tomorrow, I made a corned beef dinner and boy did it hit the spot. There is something about a simple boiled dinner (although I don't love pot roast) that just makes the end of the weekend that much more relaxing. It's so easy to make - you literally throw everything in a pot. We had just arrived back from Vermont, I said hello to the boys and shortly after, put them down for a nap. Then, I started making some dinner.

While they were sleeping, I put the corned beef in some boiling water (with a budweiser). The meat cooked alone for a few hour. While that was boiling, I cut up some cabbage, rinsed off the baby carrots, and placed the little potatoes in a baking dish to roast with some EVOO, salt, and pepper. I didn't have enough room in the pot for everything.

After a few hours went by, I took the meat out, and I added the baby carrots and cabbage. I let those cook for an hour or so. While those two veggies cooked, I tossed the potatoes in the oven at 350 degrees for about 55 minutes. I ended up placing the meat back into the pot to simmer for another 30, and the potatoes cooled. It was all the perfect temp to serve after that.

Finished product - plated and ready to EAT!

It was a beautiful day, so before we ate, we brought the boys to Assembly Row to hang out outside. We were originally going to take them to walk about the Boston Common, but Rt 93 was so backed up. We hopped off the highway, aborted that plan, and headed towards Assembly to walk around. There were so many fun spots for the boys to hang. It was packed. I had a heart attack when they went on the merry go round and other "big kid" toys and rides - I thought they were going to get smothered. But they had fun.

Then we had some snacks on the Mystic! It started getting chilly when the sun went down, so we headed home and indulged on some corned beef dinner. YUM.

I hope everyone has a wonderful St. Patrick's Day tomorrow! CHEERS!!



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