Shaz and Jim Date Day!

Over the weekend, Jim and I had a "date day". It's been months since we've been out just the two of us -- and even longer since we have been out together during the day (without C and C). If you've been reading my blog, then you all know Jim just finished the MA Bar. He won't find out the results until May, but it goes without saying that it was a much needed relaxing afternoon together. It's easy to stay in and hang out at the house, but before you know it you get carried away with little things like taking care of the kiddos, house projects, or something else distracting and less fun. Well anyway, we got ready and grabbed a quick baby bump pic before venturing out! 19 weeks in this pic. And don't worry, I also snagged a solo pic of Jimbo at lunch.

We decided on lunch at Finz Seafood and Grill in Salem - which we loved. The website doesn't really do it justice. I found it on yelp and it's described as "Upscale-casual seafood, steak & cocktail destination situated on the harbor with deck and ocean views". It was just that. It was nice, but not over the top fancy and the views of the boats/ocean were a nice touch. Not only was the atmosphere relaxing and exactly what we needed -- but the food was also amazingly fresh and hit the spot. Great service, too! We will definitely be back.

Jimbo indulged in an espresso martini and we shared a few apps. One of my favorite combos is RI style fried calamari and caesar salad. Calamari is my fav salad topper. Wonder why? Maybe it's all that yummy fried deliciousness. ;)

For our meals, Jim ordered spicy lime shrimp enchilladas and I ordered the baked fish tacos. I absolutely loved the sauce and avocado toppings.

I couldn't wait to get back and read tons of bedtime stories to these two little cherubs. Caden has been SO sweet and happy lately. He has also been saying "Daddy" so unbelievably clearly. Con tends to say mama and dadda - but Caden has been saying Daddy so perfectly clear and it's adorbs. Conor's vocab is taking off which makes me so proud too. Currently we are working on both "please" and "thank you" for both of them -- both verbally and signs.

I just wanted to take a minute to emphasize how enjoyable my day was with Jim. It was nice to reconnect and talk about things - without the stress of housework, bills, or screaming children (happy screams or not). The relaxation was key and something we both desperately needed. If you have time to get away with your spouse, even for just an afternoon or evening, then please do it. Although it was short and sweet, I promise you won't regret it. :)

All for now!


PS  Flashback pic to Chrissy and I ziplining with Mom in Catalina Island April 2013 -- days after my grad school graduation and about a week after the marathon bombing. Intense month for sure but I felt as carefree at my lunch with Jim as I did in this pic! Ha, it's the little things.


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