The Easter Bunny Came!!


The boys enjoyed their own little indoor Easter egg hunt indoors Sunday morning. They didn't get it at first, but once they realized there were eggs (filled with candy) "hidden" throughout the house, they were having a good time. They surprisingly didn't fight over many of them either. Overall, it was really cute and really fun.

They weren't into their wheelbarrows as much as I was hoping they would - but we can save them for the Cape this summer. I think it will be fun to use the shovels and fill them up with sand, or shells, or even some water from the ocean.

What they REALLY loved was the $2 "grass" that filled up their baskets. Of course it makes a massive mess and I was having an anxiety attack over it. But they were having fun. Look at them!

Then we Facetimed with my sister and Jim's mom...the boys love using the iPad.


We made it to Auntie Debbie's around 2ish...we didn't want to nap at all. I think we were having too much fun with all the candy and on a sugar high.


Eventually we made it outside for Easter egg hunt number two! The big kids had their own Easter egg hunt in the front yard, and the younger kids walked around the yard and picked up some eggs. It was adorable.

Then we heard a rumor that the Easter Bunny was at the neighbors house!! So we of course had to walk over to see!

Since we didn't nap ALL DAY and had quite the busy eventful afternoon, we passed out on the way 5PM. I thought we were going to be in for a tough bedtime, but they did just fine. Haha how funny do they look?

Oh and don't you worry - we found this crap again! Ahhhh haha panic attack.

I hope everyone had a very Happy Easter! Have a great week!


PS Flashback pic to these little cuties. Holy moly how they've changed. 


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