Weekend Roundup!

We had a great weekend - filled with lots of fun bubbles, story time, new toys, and errands out and about to keep us entertained. Conor is still struggling with the molars. He is definitely not himself. However, each Mom continues to say both teething is the devil and everything is a phase. I know it won't last forever, but I sure feel bad for him. We are doing a lot to keep him/them distracted and it's kind of fun to come up with new things. It actually makes me think of my friend Kiley. I often find myself thinking, what fun new trick would Kiley do to entertain her little ones? She has a fun imagination...and doesn't take life too seriously!

So here were have it. We bought some new bubbles at Target - and they can't get enough of them. Conor is a little more vocal and literally yells at the bubbles. I think he thinks he gets more that way. ;) Caden is a lot like Jim. He sits back and takes it all in. He's a great observer. He is also really patient.

We also ran a few errands. Caden had the best time at BJs. We went to get some toilet paper, aluminum foil, and diapers. And we left with I think the entire store -- minus the aluminum foil. It's OK. We can try again next time.

Jim was able to find some time on Saturday to put the other toy chest together. My friend Keryn got these for the boys when they were first born. Now that their toys are accumulating awfully quickly, these are going to come in handy. They like to open and close them - which is good because we are learning those words and those signs. And they also like to climb on them and look out the window! How convenient.

This picture makes me laugh because it's SO Conor and Caden. Conor takes his time and stacks all his blocks -- often times he says "up up up" and then Caden comes over and smashes them down. Lately, my sister's friend suggested we say "up up up...BOOM!". She is a Speech Language Pathologist. Conor picked it up right away and he's saying boom constantly. Caden is just continue to knock down his brother's hard work. Haha.

And then we had some story time with these books that have little things that open. They LOVED opening them and again, it was a good opportunity for them to say and sign the word open. They are doing a great job.



Then we visited someone who had a piano...WOW! The boys couldn't get enough. They thought it was fun that each key made a different sound.

We also took them to Jordan's Furniture on Sunday late afternoon because I am in the market of upgrading them to a larger dresser. They share a changing table size dresser - and the drawers are small...and there are only 3. I found a great white dresser at the outlet section of Jordan's and it has 5 deep drawers. I think we may go back next weekend and pick it up. While at Jordan's, the kids were getting really hungry, and in turn, really fussy. We meandered over to Fudruckers and ordered them a burger and some mac and cheese to split. Caden clearly devoured the mac and cheese, and Conor loved his burger. I think it was the first time they've ever had separate/different meals.

Then we stopped at Target on our way home from furniture shopping because we felt the boys were in need of some newer toys. Sure, they got some new toys are Christmas - but we are a few months out now and it's time for something new. So we got them a few small cars, some more bubbles, and a new ABC mat! They are starting to count and recite the alphabet, so we figured why not.

We ALMOST bought these new hats but we didn't...hahahaha Conor's 'chillin' stance makes me laugh. Caden was sad when I took it off. He loves hats.

Here we are playing with our new mat! Conor loves the letter X. So he immediately went for it.

I hope everyone had a great weekend. It is going to be over 70 degrees tomorrow!!! UNBELIEVABLE! Happy early birthday to one of my best friends Katie P! Have a great day and enjoy the awesome weather. :)



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