Awaiting Baby C...and Days with A&B

In honor of national sibling day...I will talk about all three of my children. :)

Jim went through all the baby bins in the attic and brought down a couple of them for me to sift through and figure out what I needed immediately. I went through them, reorganized some things, and also cleaned up a bunch. I also took all the 12-18 month clothes out of the boys room and packed that up for the next baby. 

I found this mobile from when the kids were babies in DC. I only had one of them, so it went on the changing table for them to share. Now Baby C gets to have this one all to himself/herself on the crib. We have about a dozen of these blue bins in the attic with the boys stuff.

Then I came across the bin with the bottles, breast pump, etc -- basically all things related to feedings - and any/everything by the brand Medela. I think I'll need about a quarter of the bottles I needed for the boys. This whole thing is packed with 2oz, 4oz, and 8oz bottles.

I took out the newborn clothes and 0-3 months for now, washed and folded everything. Here is how my project started (after they came out of the dryer).

Here I was...about halfway through folding and sorting. You know what was nice? I was sifting through and making piles, and not concerned ONCE about keeping the paired clothing together. I would always look for the clothes to match (still do) for onesies, pants, shirts, socks, you name it, so the boys can match. Here, I just folded everything and made piles without a care in the world. It was so nice!

Finally done! I brought everything up to the baby's room and placed everything in the little cubbies we have in there right now.

In the yellow baskets, I have a ton more burp cloths, pacifiers, socks, and bibs. Basically everything that is tiny, is in those little baskets.

As for Conor and Caden, these are what our nights look like - lots of tooth-brushing and book-reading.

And our mornings...

And our weekends....

And momma's work...

And hanging at a local toy store in Lexington...

And watching TV....

And running errands with Mom and Dad. Gearing up for the Sox home-opener tomorrow!

Feeling so much better that we have (mostly) everything organized and we have the crib upstairs in the box, too. Once that's done, I'll feel like I'm in real good shape. Only two more weeks until I'm in my third trimester!

All for now!



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