#ChrissyandBigRedWed Rehearsal Dinner!


I want to do it all over again. I think the best possible way of doing that is to start from the beginning of the recent festivities and write a few separate blog posts. So let's start with last week. We had several events from a pitstop at David's Bridal for pashminas on Monday, to nails on Wednesday, and spray tans on Thursday. There may have been a brief stint at MGH on Thursday night to remedy a dehydration issue -- but that's a minor detail. Everyone is healthy now (Baby C is doing fabulous).

On Friday, Chrissy and Linds had their rehearsal and rehearsal dinner at the Providence Public Library and Bravo Brasserie for a lovely and relaxing (and super fun) dinner after.

Here are a few pics to relive the night. The gang ready to rehearse!

Jim walked my mom down the aisle.

Lindsey's brother, Matt walked their mom down the aisle.

Lindsey's group lined up beautifully....

And our side, well...didn't.

My Dad and Chrissy

Linds and her Dad

Amy, the best priest ever. Ha. She was amazing.

All the guys were REALLY into watching the rehearsal, clearly.

Jim practicing giving Amy the rings.

Few little laughs to get through the nerves for the following day!

Matt held the ribbon for that part of the ceremony.

My parents at the rehearsal dinner.

Linds and her whole fam!

Kevin, Chrissy, and Lauren. They are gearing up to be married in July!


Chrissy's bridal party.

Matt and Patrick - the best hosts ever. Thank you SO MUCH for hosting us at your beautiful home Saturday. You two are amazing. We love you so much! These guys are getting married this November at the Providence Public Library too!! Soooo much fun.

The beautiful brides!!!!!

Wifes! :)


And here's the whole gang....what a night. To think we had a whole wedding to celebrate the following day. What a crew!

Stay tuned for the follow up to this post....THE WEDDING DAY!!!!

Congratulations again, Mrs. and Mrs. Callahan! :)



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