Homemade Pesto & Turkey Meatballs

Short post about turkey meatballs and pesto sauce. I wanted to document this unbelievable dish I whipped up for lunch over the weekend. I had a huge packet of basil I picked up from peapod, so I decided to make some homemade pesto (sans pine nuts, simply because I did not have any). I tossed a handful of basil, olive oil, salt, pepper, crushed red pepper, and romano cheese together in the blender. I blended it together and poured it over some ziti. I added a bit more cheese and then diced up some tomatoes and added that to the mix. 

I mixed together some of the pesto, cheese, ground turkey, 2 eggs, and salt and pepper and formed 
"lazy man's" meatballs. In other words, I did not roll them up and make them look nice. Rather, I scooped them in a spoon and plopped them in some piping hot EVOO and let them simmer for about 10 minutes, rolling them around as they cooked.

It doesn't look like much but boy was it delicious and fresh - reminded me of a fun summertime dish. Please make this sometime if you can, I LOVED it!

Have a great week everyone!



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