Life Lately.....

April is Autism Awareness in honor of that, my font is going to be BLUE for now!

Life has been BUSY lately. I mean, with work and friends and doctor appointments, and the holiday last weekend, it's been nonstop. Jim is in Vegas this weekend with my Dad and some buddies from LA. My Dad and Jim flew out after work today, so it was solo Mama time again for baths and bedtime (until Tuesday!). They were sad and I think very tired, but we survived. We don't really have any plans this weekend other than a maybe a visit or two from some friends and my mom/sister. The weather isn't going to be the greatest, so that's too bad. 

But anyway, since this week was a blur - here's a little bit of a recap of life lately.

This is a picture from tonight. Caden fell at school yesterday and got a cut on his nose and a little on his forehead. I think it looks worse than it feels, but it still hurts seeing his face like that. But hey - people don't confuse them half as much now. ;)

On Monday, my sister and cousin Jodie came over to do Chrissy's hair trial for her wedding...which is in TWO weeks from tomorrow! She got a haircut and did a few little curling ideas for the big day. Here is Chrissy and Con...

And Chrissy and Caden!

Later in the week, I think on Wednesday, we went to the Chateau for dinner. Caden enjoyed some yummy mac and cheese - more like shells and cheese...and Conor went for the penne with meatball. Conor loves pasta with sauce. Well, they both do really. How adorable are Caden's little cheeks?!

This was us on our way to school on Thursday...Con in front.

Breakfast and pinwheels. Because let's be real, no breakfast is complete without the accompaniment of pinwheels.

Caden's face:

Conor's face:

On Thursday, I received a call from daycare that Conor had some tummy trouble and needed to be picked up. Lucky for me, it was a 70 degree beautiful day. So I didn't hesitate. I went to daycare in the afternoon, scooped them both up (because I cannot have just one child, ever...I've tried), and we played on our bikes for hours. My friend Shayla came over and we had the best Thai food and sushi for dinner - cooked of course. It was DELICIOUS. The boys were the best and happiest ever. Lucky me to have a surprise day with them midweek!

Then on Thursday we played with sticks.....

And went to Market Basket with Daddy! Our goal was to stock up so I didn't run out of bananas or apples or milk or bread or cheese or ANYTHING. Successful trip to say the least.

Well, that's all for now. I am going to pour myself a glass of soda water, sit outside on the deck, and listen to the quiet for a little while. Then I am going to go to sleep! Good night everyone, have a great weekend!!


PS Flashback pic to our days in DC at Aunt Joyce's house....the boys (and mommy) were so small! Ha


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