Painting and Pizza Making!

Since it's snowing, I needed to come up with a few creative projects for Caden and Conor this morning. Well first, when they went downstairs after they woke up, they ran right over to their new chairs and sat in them...and then traded and tried out the other chair - at the exact same time. It was so funny.

After we had some fruit for [first] breakfast, we stayed in our PJs and did some crafts. I just bought the boys the "paint with water" books - with the hope it would all be a little less messy. I was right; but they definitely were more interested in the water than the actual painting. It's OK. It bought me some time to prep our second project...homemade pizzas for lunch!

I then set up the pizza dough, sauce, cheese, and other toppings. I sauteed some peppers and onions  - and also made a caprese salad for myself to going along side my veggie pizza.

I got the pizzas ready for the boys to add the cheese! When I showed them how to do it, Caden caught right on. He was placing the cheese lightly on the pizza. 

Conor was an animal and wanted to turn the bowl upside down. After I showed him again, I said "sprinkle, sprinkle sprinkle"...and then he did said "sprinkle" each time he added the cheese. Ha. I tried uploading the video to Youtube here. Check it out. And this is an older video of them riding their bikes outside. 

Good job guys!! I'm impressed with your cooking skills!

After a busy morning, I turned on some nursery rhymes on youtube that they love and we are taking a little bit of a breather. Between breakfast #1, breakfast #2, riding our bikes around the house, painting, and making pizzas - we need a short break!

Last night, I was craving something sweet. I whipped up a quick chocolate cake mix and separated a small portion into a small corningware bowl. I cooked the larger portion in a big corningware bowl. It only needed to cook for 17-20 minutes instead of 40-44 minutes. I frosted it with a mixture of vanilla (leftover from Easter) and chocolate frosting. It was delicious. 

I let the bigger cake cool overnight and frosted it this morning. I should've taken a picture of them next to each other so you could see the size difference - but the small one is probably 5in wide and the bigger one is probably around 9in.

And I must say, my corningware set was probably one of my favorite wedding gifts -- I use the bowls ALL the time. They have different sizes, they clean so well, they're oven safe, and they have tops that make it easy for traveling. I like my Pyrex too but the corningware looks much more fancy. ;)

I hope everyone enjoys their snow day! Stay warm!!



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