Photo Dump - April 2016!

A few months back, I wrote about fellow mom bloggers who randomly do a photo dump from their phones. I figured it's a good time for that! I'll be honest, it's a photo dump from both my canon camera and also my iPhone. This post is dedicated to the fun days with C and C!

These outfits! Hahahaha...

In these next few pics, I said "where's your head?"

"Where's your chin??"

"Where's your ear?"

"Where's your nose?"

I was literally laughing out loud, which then made Conor laugh out loud because everything they did was at the exact same second with the same hand. It was quite amusing.

Here are a few daycare pics I got yesterday. It was so nice out! And they didn't want to nap! Ha.

And another one of my fav times of the deal....meal time! They had chicken, corn, mac n cheese, and a pouch last night. They LOVED the corn. And then they had a yogurt with strawberry a fun glass bowl. Fancy toddlers.

Little TV watching since we didn't have a nap. We were a bit cranky, so we needed to rest.

Then we went to bed! Who's who??

All for now. Hope you have a nice weekend!


PS Flashback photo and a HUGE happy birthday to one of my besties, NICOLE!!! Enjoy your day, good luck in your run, and send me pics of you and the west coast. Love you and miss you. Happy bday! And hi Sarah! Miss you and love you too! ;)


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