Practicing Being Big Brothers!

We started putting together some things for Baby C's nursery tonight. But before doing so - we had a wonderful relaxing Sunday. It was beautiful weather, so we spent most of the day outside. We unpacked and cleaned out our cars from the wedding. Fortunately, we were the ones that brought home their wedding cake and cupcakes, so the boys got to enjoy some wedding cupcakes themselves! I figured it was the least I could do to reward them for doing such a fantastic job at the ceremony. ;)



Yesterday, my Dad and I took the boys to Lowes because I wanted to get some basil and tomato plants for my deck. I will also buy a lot of vegetable plants for a full blown garden this summer, but for now I am starting small. I bought a black window box, some soil, and a few plants. I haven't put anything together yet - but the boys enjoyed themselves.

On the way home, we stopped at the park and killed some time before Jim came home from work.

After work today, we played with the boys. They love "feeding the baby" when I say it. I think it's really familiarizing them with the new language they will hear when the baby is born. Plus, they can feed their own baby when I am feeding the new baby. Everyone wins!

Then after dinner, we started putting the crib together. The boys were the most fantastic helpers. Haha. Really, they each grabbed a handful of the screws and ran around the upstairs giggling at each other. They thought they were SO cool.

See? I dress them differently sometimes! Ha - one has long sleeves and no socks, and the other has short sleeves with socks! They were running around upstairs and giggling like crazy. I posted the video of them running around on youtube if you want to check it out.

Con watching Cay intently....

Copying each other...

We put the boys to bed and then finished setting up the crib. Now, we just need a crib mattress, a new baby camera (to add to collection now - we have two of these), and another sound machine. I am planning on borrowing my mom's rocking chair for a few months. I borrowed my Aunt Joyce's when we lived in DC. And we'll see what else we may need. Not much I don't think!!

Have a great night everyone! I am going to BED! Long day at both work and MGH today. I had my glucose test this afternoon unexpectedly - I think they said I will get my results tomorrow.

All for now!



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