Today was a Rough One...

So here I was yesterday thinking - wow, the boys have been SO good...I don't mind if Jim goes away more often. They were eating, sleeping, and playing together wonderfully. They even slept in almost an hour later than usual on both Saturday and Sunday. Awesome, right?!

Then last night, Caden didn't fall asleep til 9PM. He wasn't crying or anything, but it was out of the norm. Then he woke around 1AM crying pretty bad. I assumed he had a bad dream. Then he woke crying again at 4AM. This was way out of character. It has recently happened to Con, and I feel like he may be teething. But never with Caden. So I scooped him up quickly to prevent waking Conor - and brought him in my room.

I did something for the first the time EVER in the almost two years they've been alive. I brought him in bed with me. Surprisingly, we both fell asleep for about three more hours. I of course loved every minute of it and wish I would have done this more when they were babies. But in the long run (aka where I am now), I am so glad I didn't. I have two of the best sleepers and I am so thankful for that. We have been consistent with bedtime from the very beginning. Night #1 home from the hospital they slept in their cribs in their own room. Granted they shared a crib for three months so they weren't alone - but they never co-slept with me and Jim nor did we use a bassinet in our room.

But anyway, last night, for three hours, Caden and I cuddled and it was lovely. Then we met up with Con around 7:15 and we started our day....with no pants. Hehe. They loved watching the snow fall. They wanted to go outside and play in it, but there was no way I was doing that solo. Yikes.

But really, what was with today? Yeah, the snow was lame and we weren't able to make it outside. But the snow was crappy yesterday and we also didn't make it outside. So what was it about today that made it so long? The boys were crabby. They didn't get along that great. They were clumsy and falling all over the place. And they didn't nap. I know the main goal of my blog is to write about positive day to day experiences - but let's be real. Days like today HAPPEN. They do. And it's awful. I was really stressed because we had our first Early Intervention appt in over 4 weeks. I called a few weeks ago and resumed with a different clinician. I am glad I did. I like her already. The boys didn't have an appt, more just a meet and greet - and I filled out some paperwork. It went really well.

You know, as I am writing this, it got me thinking. Maybe the boys were in a funk because they're at daycare on a weekday and they have their schedule down pat. Therefore, since they were home they were really bored and had a severe case of cabin fever. They were sick of me, sick of the house, and sick of my lack of structure. At school, they have circle time, and music time, and story time at specific time slots throughout the day. Here, it's a free for all.

Here's a little recap of our day. The highs and the lows. Although thankfully, I didn't take many pictures to document the lows.

Still loving our chairs and love reciting the letters on our chairs. Conor is reciting "C-O-N-O-R" although not perfectly in that order...he mostly says O and R.  And Caden points to his letters and smiles when I say them out loud.

Then Mommy was SO desperate, we busted out the basketball hoop! Nana got us this basketball hoop for Christmas, but Daddy and Mommy were saving it for a birthday gift next month. Anyway, we couldn't wait til May and today it appeared. They both dug it, but Caden LOVED it! Look at my athletic little lefty!

Con joined in, with a munchkin in hand.

I kept switching it up between playing downstairs in the den/playroom and upstairs in their room. The change of scenery always helps - but today, it didn't change much. I like this picture because Conor's newborn pic is on the left, and so is he...and Caden's newborn pic is on the right and so is he. Cute!

I took this picture because Jim's sister T is watching the boys tomorrow. Daycare is closed this week so we are asking family to watch the boys different days. And I will also take another day off this week - I have to wait and see what works best. I made a simple PB&J and wanted to show T how I've been cutting it lately, lol. I don't usually give them bite-sized pieces anymore. More of something for them to hold and learn how to bite. Big progress over here people!

I mean, just look at this snow! It's seriously still snowing here....

I put the boys to bed at 6:30 tonight. I figured if they missed out on two hours of sleep at naptime, then they could afford a 30 minute earlier bedtime. And Mom could sure use the break! I am going to go clean up and make myself something for dinner. Some Annie's mac and cheese sounds perfect right about now. Good night all, hope you all had a more pleasant day!


PS "The days feel long, but the years are so sadly short." This is so true, because this feels like yesterday.


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