Update from THAILAND and Earth Day!!

In honor of Earth Day,  I am going to post ALL pics from outside. Before it rains today (hopefully it doesn't), I encourage you to get outside and enjoy the fresh air and nice weather. Or if you're lucky, like Chrissy and Linds, hop on your local elephant for a quick ride! Chrissy and Linds uploaded some recent Thailand pics - and these looked so FUN! All good in Thailand apparently!!!

They said that the sense of humor over there is very similar to ours here in the States and it's really fun. Here's a little example - They went on their elephant tour in the morning and they said the elephants listened to each command that their individual trainers would give them. So when the elephants were walking into the water with the people on their backs, the trainer yelled some command to only Chrissy and Lindsey's elephant and they got tossed off!! They ended up in the water. They played a little prank on C and L and they were both good sports. They thought it was funny. Thank goodness they didn't have their iPhones on them at the time!

In equally fun and exciting news, last night, I planted a few of the herbs/plants I bought on Monday in my window box, and Jim hung it on my deck. I planted some mint, basil, chives, and some cherry tomatoes. It was a real simple project and with Jim's help, it was even simpler. Thanks, Jimbo.

I will plant some bigger vegetable plants in the backyard once we clear out some space - but for now, this is perfect for some light summer meals in the coming months!

Also - another outdoor project that I want to tackle soon is my front yard. I have a rhododendron plant here on the right side that isn't thriving. I don't think the soil is that great, and I don't think it gets much sun. So I want to transplant it to the corner of the front yard (next pic) to sort of wrap the plants around the front of the house. I'm not sure when I'll do it - but these two pics are my "before" pics.

And some outside fav pics of C and C from yesterday. They were outside for almost the whole afternoon yesterday - it was SO nice out. 

We went over to my parents house for a quick visit and played in their backyard.

My Aunt Kiki was over! The boys (and zet) loved her! OR they may have loved her potato chips. Either way. ;)

Also, I want to wish my first sister-in-law, Theresa, a very very very Happy 30th Birthday! Have fun today and this weekend!!! Can't wait to celebrate! Love you.

All for now.


PS...Guys, are we sure I'm not having twins again?! Look at me! I still have three more months to go!


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